Employer’s liability insurance

If you are an employer who has employees be they casual temporary or even permanent workers then you need to have employer’s liability insurance. What this liability insurance for employers does is to protect you against claims for compensation in case they get injured or sick as a result of working for you.

The liability insurance is not an optional insurance for you as an employer, as long as you have employees, casual workers temporary staff or even contractors working for you, it is a requirement by the law. Otherwise you will face a penalty fines for not having it.

When taking this employer’s liability insurance cover, it is necessary for you to state the exact number of employees that you have employed in your premises. Something worth noting though is that, if you any of your family members working for you, then they do not qualify because as per the insurance rules, they will not be covered.

It is better being safe than sorry, so it is better for you as an employer to minimize the risk claim by ensuring good health for your employees and also safety practices. These two precautions will reduce any chances of either illness or injury to minimum levels possible.

Another issue that is worth noting is that when it comes to claims by the employees, some illnesses do take time to come up or to manifest, so as a precautionary measure never get rid of old or expired files. In this case I mean if an employee has resigned or left your organization for any reason, do not get rid of the employees files just in case of such kind of illnesses. If you retain the file then such claim comes up, the insurance liability will cover it for you.

The beautiful thing about the employer’s liability insurance is that it covers even the legal costs in cases whereby you will be having case in the court in the compensation process. The cover caters for even a day’s court attendances compensation.

Some insurance companies have extra policy benefits of this cover some of which are, cover for yourself and partners depending with the type of business that you have, even your business equipments can be covered in this extras column.

You never know when inspectors will be going round checking on employers who do not have this policy and you must show your insurance certificate to these inspectors on demand, failure it is an offence. Actually the certificate should be displayed in a prominent place at the work place that they will just see without straining.

Like all insurance policies the liability insurance for employers may seem like an extra expense for you as an employer and you may actually be tempted to avoid it, but you never know when an illness or an accident might occur, so be bold and caring towards your employees and take this cover for them. It will give great peace of mind just in case of an accident or an illness.

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