Certificate of liability insurance

The only way to proof that you have insurance on anything is by showing the certificate. Liability insurance is the type of insurance taken by employers to cover their employees and give any compensation claims made by them in the case of injuries at work or any illness suffered due to work related issues. Employers have to take this insurance to all their employees be they casual workers, temporary workers, permanent workers or any other type of worker that you have employed.

Certificate of liability insurance is the certificate that you are given after purchasing the liability insurance cover. Liability insurance protects the employer when his workers get injured or ill at work then they sue him for compensation. So the insurance will compensate the employees on your behalf on the claims that they will and it will give you great piece of mind.

The certificate of liability insurance is a short one paged document that actually provides the details about your liability cover and they actually show that you have covered your workers and you have to display it in a conspicuous place at your premise. When you are going as an employer to purchase the liability insurance there are various types of insurance which you can choose from.

 One of them is general liability insurance and another is professionals’ liability insurance. The general one basically covers your employees against bodily harms, injury and any medical conditions that may arise as a result of the working conditions. The professional one is the one that provides cover against professional and personal services. There is also one called business ownership liability that is actually a combination of the professional liability insurance and the general liability insurance policy.

The certificate of liability helps in instances when for instance you need contractors for your business, one question that will be asked is if the contractors will be compensated incase of injuries at work? So getting this certificate is a sure way of winning contracts in the future among other things.

Once you have purchased an insurance cover the certificate should be issued along with the policy and other documents that come along. The certificate can be obtained once your insurance cover purchase procedure is complete, but if you urgently need the certificate to obtain other contracts or for showing to supervisors, then you can always request for the insurance company to release it before other documents for you. Most of the companies will comply because they understand the importance of this document.

Getting a liability insurance cover is one of the best decisions you can make for your small business because incase of injuries, damages and even illnesses at work, you will not be held liable in any way and you will have the insurance company compensate your workers on your behalf getting the load of that claim off your shoulders. So get this cover of liability from any reputable insurance company and get your business on the right track. The beauty is that you have the certificate of liability insurance to prove that you are actually a law abiding citizen because is a legal requirement not an option.

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